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DNC/SE Series standard cylinder £¨standard ISO6431£©
Domestic HIWIN flange type linear guide HGH15CA
Name:HIWIN Linear Guid¡­¡­
CU Series multi-position installation cylinder
Yueqing Zhongheng Trade Co., LTD was established in 2004, specializing in the production of various high-precision miniature linear guide, slider, smooth machine slideway etc series products.
Facing fierce market competition, the company in good faith management, customer first, in the aim of positive enterprising, blaze new trails for policy. Adhere to the sincerity, with 

sincerity,honesty create brands, by the good faith seeks the development, customer loyalty to all, with reasonable prices for customers with qualified products, in order to achieve a win-win result.
The pursuit of excellence, in together, excellence is our constant goal. In order to be able to produce quality products, our company hired excellent professionals, in with professional technology production professional products, but also continuously promoting product innovation and development, in order to meet the demand of customers. You can provide drawings to customize your need guide products.

Our company for the Yueqing Hengen electrical technology Co., LTD and grace on zhejiang the automation Co., LTD the ministry of. For the convenience of import and export, especially registered Yueqing Zhongheng Trade Co., LTD. Yueqing Zhongheng Trade limited company specializing in the development, production and sales of miniature linear guide, CQ2B thin cylinder, rivets, wiring board transparent cover and screw. Also agent all kinds of brand linear guide: THK, HIWIN, ABBA, HTPM, IKO, etc. Brand: SMC cylinder cylinder. Brand bolts and an expansion bolt: HILTI HILTI, chemical anchor bolts.
Company and Taiwan in the mainland branch cooperation, agents, wholesale HIWIN products. In 2010 the new increase in Japan THK products agents, wholesale and PMI, ABBA, CPC and other products of Taiwan.
Welcome new and old customers to patronize!

CNHE linear guide rail pair
The ball screw, screw
LM linear guide
LM guide YinDong device
Guide rail pair
Needle CAM pilot
Ball spline
Crossover roll guide
Linear ball slider
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