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DNC/SE Series standard cylinder £¨standard ISO6431£©
Domestic HIWIN flange type linear guide HGH15CA
Name:HIWIN Linear Guid¡­¡­
CU Series multi-position installation cylinder
Domestic HIWIN flange type linear guide HGH15CA

Name:HIWIN Linear Guide HGH15CA


Employed by HG series linear slide rail for four row type, single arc tooth type contact linear slide rail, and integration of the optimum structure design precision linear slide rail overweight loads, relative to other linear slide rail promoted load and rigid ability; Have four direction of features, and automatic adjust load of heart function, can absorb the installation, a precision assembly error of appeal. High speed, high load, high rigidity with precision turn concept has become the future development trend of industrial products around the world, HIWIN four circumferenially overweight load linear slide rail based on this concept, namely, development of the product.

1. Mechanical processing center

2. Tool machine

3. Precision processing machine

4. Heavy cutting machine

5. Marble cutter

6. Grinder

7. Injection machine

8. Punch

9. Automatic device

10. Transportation equipment

11. Measurement instruments
After-sales service:Half year free packages or repair kit (non-artificial damage)

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