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DNC/SE Series standard cylinder £¨standard ISO6431£©
Domestic HIWIN flange type linear guide HGH15CA
Name:HIWIN Linear Guid¡­¡­
CU Series multi-position installation cylinder
¡°Y¡±type joint series

1. This shop all products are for real shooting. The quality guarantee, a year the guaranteed repair, replacement (coil except).

2. All products can be directly take (do not will indicate the voltage, size), and 5 points can be the day before shipment.

3. If need to purchase a 12 V, 110 V and 380 V and other special voltage are in stock prices have certain in and out, look at the store corresponding other links.

4. Please confirm the purchase before buying model, voltage, if the buyer did not confirm itself is good models need to exchange, back and forth the postage borne by the buyer.

5. Seven days if there is any quality problem (non-artificial damage or buyers improper operation) sellers return unconditionally. Back and forth the freight for the seller.

CNHE linear guide rail pair
The ball screw, screw
LM linear guide
LM guide YinDong device
Guide rail pair
Needle CAM pilot
Ball spline
Crossover roll guide
Linear ball slider
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